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Alabama Scenic River Trail

Location From where the Coosa River enters the state in its northeast sector to Fort Morgan on the Gulf of Mexico, Numerous boat launches the full length of the Coosa and Alabama Rivers the length of Alabama.
State(s) Alabama
Counties Multiple
Type Water Trail
National Water Trails System
Length 631.00 Miles / 1015.50 Km Loop Trail? No
Allowed Uses Boating, Motorized
Swimming - Diving/snorkeling
Agency Nonprofit
Entry Fee? No Parking Fee? No




photo: Coosa River in Wetumpka. Part of the Alabama Scenic River Trail. Photo by Callie Thornton.
Coosa River in Wetumpka. Part of the Alabama Scenic River Trail. Photo by Callie Thornton.

The Alabama Scenic River Trail is a recreational and tourism route destination for paddled and powered boats. At approximately 631 miles in length (the suitability of various river channels will vary the exact route for different types of watercraft), the trail will be the longest in a single state in the U.S. The Trail begins at the point where the Coosa River enters Alabama just northeast of Cedar Bluff, and continues down the Coosa River to its confluence with the Tallapoosa near Wetumpka.

From this conjunction the trail follows the Alabama River to its junction with the Tombigbee/Warrior system just north of Mobile. The Trail then proceeds along the Mobile River and through the Tensaw-Mobile delta, along the Tensaw River and its tributaries to Mobile Bay. To avoid maritime traffic, paddleboats follow a slightly different route to the Trail's terminus at Fort Morgan.

The Trail is designed to be clean and hospitable, and activities of the Trail Association will include conservation stewardship, and outreach projects, to ensure the Trail's family-friendly aspect. A system of signs will be installed to direct potential users to put-ins and take-outs. Guide and promotional literature will emphasize access to tourist, historical, recreational, shopping, and dining points of interest to Trail travelers.


Trail Mission Statement

The Alabama Scenic River Trail (ASRT) was established as a non-profit and trail system to reconnect citizens and visitors to Alabama's rivers, as well as bring sustainable rural development to communities along the rivers in Alabama.


Recreation Opportunities

Over 100 points of river access have been identified by the Alabama Scenic River Trail organization and its partners. Nearly 100 overnight campsites have been identified, adopted or created, many as the result of agreements with private landowners. All information about these campsites is cataloged at the Trails’ website at

The access points and campsites have been used for dozens of long-distance trips over the length of (Continued...)



Education is a central theme of the Alabama Scenic River Trail. Relative to other southeastern states, recreational paddling is not a strong institution in Alabama. Expanding our future, our “customer base” with near-term opportunities and events depends upon the re-education of our citizenry.

The ASRT guidebooks were developed as educational resources, and some have been distributed within Alabama school systems as teaching aids. The ASRT website is rich with the history of o (Continued...)



It has been our experience that community-minded restoration of rivers and river-lands are a natural part of the Trail development process. Specifically, we have seen the following notable accomplishments.

Cleanups, initiated by the ASRT and partners, have become institutionalized in several communities in the state, working towards the goal of improving the river trail.

In communities such as Gadsden and Montgomery, where the locals have invested in their river her (Continued...)


Community Support

Not counting the number of communities that have created "friends of" groups to develop water trails and related amenities, overall volunteer involvement, including support for the Trail's adventure race, total over 300. The Alabama Scenic River Trail meets with local groups everywhere in the state upon request and goes to great efforts to help communities who reach out to us achieve their river focused goals.

The ASRT is currently working on a project to establish a public ramp o (Continued...)


Public Information

Information about the Alabama Scenic River Trail is distributed through two primary web-based media resources. General information and information likely to change (the number of campsites, for instance) can be found on the organization's website Feature-intense information, such as the route of the trail, the location of amenities and historical information over the extended length of the trail may be be found in guidebooks linked to the website's store. A PDF v (Continued...)


Trail Maintenance

The Alabama Scenic River Trail has been successful in maintaining its recreational corridors for a number of reasons: Trail access tends to be in the hands of municipalities who are already routinely caring for their properties; landowners who are capable and interested in caring for their properties; and partners (US Army Corps of Engineers, Alabama Power, TVA) who are able to help with such upkeep.

The major obstacle to maintaining sensitive areas along the ASRT has been limited (Continued...)



The Alabama River Trail organization has, with the help of its partners and support from state agencies and government, managed to forge a recognizable brand; identify and organize various types of access and river experiences into a single trail; and promote the use of the trail through an informative website, guidebooks, events, speaking engagements and interest from local, state and national press.

In the future, the ASRT will hopefully accomplish its goals so that the followin (Continued...)

Visitor Information

Seasonal Information

Date Opens: 1/1 - Date Closes: 12/31

Open 24 Hours


Numerous boat launches along the Coosa and Alabama Rivers the full length of Alabama


Additional Information

Width: 0 inches.

Primary Surface: Water, moving

Secondary Surface: None

Average Grade: 0%

Elevation Low Point: Not Available

Elevation High Point: 172

Year Designated: 1980

Date Last Updated: 08/22/2017


Contact Information

Trail Management:
Fred Couch
Alabama Scenic River Trail Association
P.O. Box 182
Choccolocco , AL 36254
(256) 591-0437


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