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The Black Willow Water Trail begins at Loyalhanna Lake's Bush Recreation Area, and was originally created by the Corps of Engineers employees as the first of it's kind in the early 1980's. The Black Willow's older trail features have changed over the past few years due to the cycling of various natural resources, and also the sedimentation shifting of the Loyalhanna Lake, a typical life cycle process experienced by all flood control projects. In December of 2003, the US Army Corps of Engineers formed a unique choice for trail and water enthusiasts. The trail is designed to accomodate smaller boats, canoes, and kayaks as it journeys into the undisturbed Loyalhanna Lake headwaters. A brochure and an audio cassette track (under development) highlight the journey and provide information on designated site attractions of the water trail. New attractions include observing the lives of different bird species such as the red tail hawk, wood ducks, and observing the majestic, "king of the Black Willow" the Osprey. Other unique features on the two-mile interpretive trail consist of remarkable natural, geological, and cultural resources. Visitors will be captivated by the scenery and landscape of the Loyalhanna headwaters. The journey starts at the Black Willow Water Trail bulleting board, where a brochure can be obtained, along with the audio cassette track on loan from the Ranger Station. A boat launch, camping area, day use facility, parking, restrooms, and playground are within the immediate vicinity of the trail at the Bush Recreation Area. The Black Willow Water Trail, revitalized in 2004 due to the Corps of Engineers partnership with Saltsburg River & Trail will provide excellent water adventures for years to come.


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