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The Frisco Highline Trail is the second longest Rail-to-Trail conversion in Missouri, at 36 miles long, connecting Springfield to Bolivar. It provides free, safe non-motorized use opportunities for walking, running, bicycling, commuting, touring and wheelchair use. This historic scenic corridor connects several railroad towns, including Springfield, Willard, Walnut Grove, Graydon Springs, Wishart, Pearl, Morrisville and Bolivar. In fact, Harry S. Truman got the idea for his Whistle Stop Campaign for President after traveling the Frisco Highline railroad from Bolivar to Springfield and back in the summer of 1948. On the north half of the trail, there are 16 railroad trestles to cross over. The trail passes through La Petite Gem Prairie, one of the most diverse prairies in Missouri, according to the Missouri Prairie Foundation. This trail is changing the southwest Missouri region by shedding new light on health issues related to sedentary lifestyles. People who have never been active in their lives are getting out onto the trail. Not just nature-craving city folks, but also rural residents are enjoying the trail for recreation, exercise, transportation and spending time with friends and family. The success of this trail has resulted from the increased public demand for further greenway development around the Springfield community. The uniqueness this trail has to offer is incredible scenery though - a real rural Missouri experience. In one of the fastest growing areas of the state, we need to highlight the importance of preserving this rural cultural heritage, before the farms all become subdivisions.


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