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The Mason-Dixon Trail was originally built in the early 1980s. It is 193 mile long and is in three states, Pennsylvania, Maryland and Delaware. One end connects to the Appalachian Trail. The other end connects to the Brandywine Trail. The Conestoga Trail comes across the Norman Wood Bridge to connect to the Mason-Dixon Trail. Work has continued since the 1980s to move the trail off of the roads and to improve the tread way.

The trail has been built and is maintained entirely by volunteers. Last year, 829 hours were performed in Pennsylvania maintaining the trail and building relocations.

The section of the Mason-Dixon Trail in this application follows the Susquehanna River Gorge with beautiful views, and deep ravines with waterfalls. The section being recommended as a National Recreation Trail starts at Lockwood Rd south of Wrightsville and ends at the Lock 12 parking lot next to the Norman Wood Bridge (PA Rt. 372).

The trail is a built hiking trail with major (>500 ft) climbs and descents. There are spots on the trail that remind one of the National Parks. In addition there are multiple bald eagle nests visible from the trail. It is asked that people stay on the trail and do not disturb the eagles when they are sitting on the nests.

Map sets are sold by the Mason-Dixon Trail System, and different retail stores.

Historic sites include parts of the canal that went from the Chesapeake Bay to Wrightsville. The archeological sites of two Native American Villages are on the route. Also, remains of the locks and hotels along the canal are visible. A National Recreation Water Trail also follows this section of the river.


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