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The trail is completely separate and isolated from the highway system allowing families to use the trail without fear of hiking or bicycling in traffic. The alternative transportation corridor to the existing highway system was an important element in the design of this trail. Portions of the trail (15 miles) include a parallel equestrian trail, providing a designated path between the Las Vegas Valley and the backcountry of Lake Mead National Recreation Area.

Most of this trail is constructed in rural areas, providing opportunities to connect with the natural desert setting. The River Mountains support one of the largest bighorn sheep populations in the area and the perimeter trail provides great opportunities to view bighorn sheep in their natural setting. In addition, the River Mountains provide habitat for the threatened desert tortoise, a species seldom seen as it resides in desert settings and is only active in the warmer months. The sighting of these special species make the daily sighting of jackrabbits, coyotes, bluebirds, lizards and many other animals go relatively unappreciated.

The vistas along the trail are outstanding. The River Mountains form the scenic backdrop for the community of Henderson, Nevada, along the eastern side of the Las Vegas Valley. The maintenance of this view from the valley is valued and has been recognized in local and regional open space planning. But the views from the trail are also outstanding and include panoramas of the Las Vegas Wash, Lake Mead, Hemenway Valley, Eldorado Valley and perhaps the most spectacular view is the view of the Las Vegas Valley.

The Clark County Health Department has been a fundamental supporter for all trail development and especially the River Mountains Loop Trail. At each of our events held in support of trail development, the Clark County Health Department has been an active participant promoting health and fitness through trail use. The River Mountains Trail Partnership has work closely with the Clark County Health Department in the promotion of the trail.


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