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Much of the existing 50 mile system of trails was used in WWII as narrow roads to guard the then ammunition depot that was housed on the property. The property consists of over 2800 acres of forest including about 1000 acres of flatland and 1800 acres of mountain terrain with rolling hills. Trails for all ages from novice to expert. Plenty of forest, wildlife such as deer, turkey, rabbit, squirrel and indigenous animals to the area. Currently primitive camping only, but the Park will be under constant development and improvements for the next 10-15 years adding a multitude of different venues for different outdoor enthusiasts.

Safety will be emphasized for all park visitors, but especially those who will be riding the trails. Helmets will be required for all open seated machines and bicycles and recommended for enclosed side by sides and ATVs with roll cages and seat belts. Machines must pass the National Sound decimal limit or below to be allowed to be used in the park. Spark arrestors will be required for all dirt bikes. Alcohol will not be allowed within the Complex. It is open 365 days a year 24 hours per day. The local fire, police, ambulance and hospital services are within a few miles of the entrance to the Complex.

Trails are two-way to help reduce the speed and to reduce erosion to the trail system. The trail system development is currently being funded by RTP grants from ADECA (Alabama Department of Economic and Community Affairs) and OHV manufacturers. Located in the same general area is an OHV Advocacy Group of volunteers called the Cheaha Trail Riders, Inc. who consistently volunteer in helping develop and maintain OHV trails within the Park and other parks throughout Alabama.

The Talladega NASCAR Super Speedway can be seen from top of several mountain peaks during the winter when the leaves have fallen.


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