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The Karina Miller Preserve Loop Trail is a multi-purpose 2.2 mile asphalt trail located within Little Mulberry Park's 890 acres, at 3900 Hog Mountain Road, in Dacula, GA. The loop trail circles a beautiful lake and abuts open pastures and mature hardwood forests providing opportunities for viewing birds and a variety of wildlife species in their natural habitats. The trail has multiple access points to the 46 acre lake including two designated fishing piers. Picnic facilities and benches are scattered nearby along the trail corridor. The Karina Miller Preserve Loop Trail is one of many trails in the Little Mulberry Park trail system which walkers, bicyclists, and hikers enjoy on a daily basis. The trail is also used during special event programs for race competitions, hayrides, and our annual “Trail Mix” event. The “Trail Mix” event introduces and promotes trail use to people with a variety of interests and uses in the community. The Karina Miller Preserve Loop Trail is an access point to a National Register of Historic Places site, which feature pre-historic stone mounds with a period of significance of 100 BC – 500 AD Middle Woodland. Portions of the stone mounds appear to be patterned to represent a stylized serpent figure which demonstrates careful and consistent techniques of early construction. This trail offers a variety of recreational and educational opportunities and is one of Gwinnett County's treasures.

The portion of Little Mulberry Park, which contains the Karina Miller Preserve, was acquired in 2001 and master planned in 2002. The trail was constructed in 2004-2005 along with other park elements through a general construction project. The design was focused on providing the optimum lake viewing, pastoral landscapes, and the woodlands. Constructed of asphalt, the 12' wide trail is easy to maintain and is included in the park maintenance and operation asset management program. This program projects the life expectancy of certain assets/materials and schedules for major repairs or replacement. This trail is inspected quarterly by a Park Inspection Team. Maintenance issues are then routed through the department Safety Committee to record, review, and recommend for resolution if applicable. Gwinnett County's Risk Management unit randomly inspects all facilities including the Karina Miller Preserve Loop Trail for safety. The trail has signage which states the rules and safety tips for users (a copy has been included elsewhere in this application). The Gwinnett County Parks & Recreation Department has many volunteer resources. These resources include Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, the local mountain bike organization, corporate groups, and special organized volunteer service work days to assist in keeping our facilities great.

The Karina Miller Loop Trail is located in the 200 acre Karina Miller Preserve. The Miller family sold 404 acres to Gwinnett County to create Little Mulberry Park and the 200 acre preserve is a memorial to the Miller family. Within the preserve, development is limited to the trail and the fishing piers, everything else; the pastures and woodlands will remain undisturbed for future generations.


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