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Located in the northeast portion of Gwinnett County, the Little Mulberry Park trail system features a variety of walking, biking, hiking and equestrian trails. All 13 miles of trails are situated within the scenic 890-acre park.

The Pond Trail is adjacent to the parking area at Fence Road and is a handicap-accessible 0.7-mile loop around a fishing pond. The trail is paved with asphalt and has a fishing pier. Beyond the large pavilion, restrooms and playground are the West Meadow and East Meadow Trails. Both are one-mile paved loops around a pair of grassy knolls. The terrain rises 126 feet from the Pond Trail near the parking lot to the top of the west meadow knoll. A short grass trail leads from the paved loop trail to the observation terrace at the top. At an elevation of 1206 feet above sea level, it is one of the highest points in Gwinnett County. The expansive views from the terrace provide opportunities for watching migrating raptors and astronomical observations. Several times a year, astronomy clubs hold night sky viewing events for the public.

The West Meadow Trail also provides access to the Ravine Loop Trail and the Beech Trail. These natural surface hiking trails total 2.6 miles in length and provide a strenuous hiking experience. Along the hiking trails park users will see dozens of stacked stone mounds. The mounds are typically about three feet in height and ten feet in diameter. Archeological investigations have found that the mounds are attributed to pre-Colombian habitation by Native Americans and to post-settlement agriculture. The scenic ravine overlook is reached by a spur trail off the Ravine Loop Trail that leads to views of an intermittent waterfall.

The Carriage Trail was placed on the alignment of an old roadbed dating back more than 100 years. It is a very steep paved trail that is 0.7 miles long. Visitors will pass over a rustic stone box culvert and an intermittently flowing stream that spills over a series of exposed stone ledges. The Carriage Trail connects the meadow loop trails to the 2.2 mile Karina Miller Nature Preserve Loop, a National Recreation Trail.

The equestrian trail is accessed off of Mineral Springs Road. The three to six feet wide trails wind through the hilly hardwood forests of the park.

In addition to the trails, the park has pavilions and shelters, restrooms, a disc golf course, playgrounds, a lake and a fishing pond.


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