New York

Bronx River Blueway

The Bronx River watertrail extends eight miles from Shoelace Park near 219th Street to Soundview Park at the estuary to Long Island Sound.


Length: 8.00 miles
Loop Trail? No
Type: Water Trail, National Water Trails System
Entry Fee? No
Parking Fee? No

Allowed Uses:

Boating, non-motorized: Canoeing
Boating, non-motorized: Kayaking

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Location: The watertrail extends eight miles from Shoelace Park on East 219th Street to Soundview Park at the East River. The Bronx River is a unique and interesting way to explore the only freshwater river in New York City.
State(s): New York
Counties: Bronx
Longitude: -73.86928
Latitude: 40.81165

Driving Directions

Many access points in New York City. See maps at , , and
Shoelace Park [40.8844 deg N;-73.8672degW], Fort Knox [40.8773;-73.8690], Portages at New York Botanical Garden and Bronx Zoo Twin Dams, River Park/180th St (with portage) [40.8437;-73.8766], West Farm Rapids Park [40.4809;-73.8778], Starlight Park [40.8325;-73.8828], Concrete Plant Park [40.8275;-73.8847], Hunts Point Riverside Park [40.7178;-73.8811], Soundview Park [40.8094;-73.8603].


The Bronx River, the only freshwater river in New York City, offers a variety of recreational and cultural opportunities, passing directly through the New York Botanical gardens, the Bronx River Forest, cityscapes, and the Bronx Zoo, which gives paddlers an excellent view of the Bison enclosure. The watertrail offers abundant signage and ample access, with a total of nine launch sites along eight miles of trail. The trail is managed by New York City Parks and The Bronx River Alliance, which maintains a high-quality, bi-lingual website with interactive river and watershed information, including maps, a link to the Bronx River Management Plan, a full calendar of events which includes a river festival and flotilla, and many more visitor resources. The watertrail is suitable for those at novice to expert level. The trail attracts nearly 15,000 people to the river per year, many of whom have never experienced a watertrail before.

Additional Details

Primary Surface: Water, moving
Secondary Surface: None
Elevation Low Point: Not Available
Elevation High Point: Not Available
Elevation Gain (cumulative): Not Available

Year Designated:

Supporting Webpages and Documents

Map: Bronx River Blueway Map
Website: National Water Trails System

Contact Information

For more information and current conditions, contact the trail manager (listed below). For questions, suggestions, and corrections to information listed on the website, contact American Trails.

Public Contact:
Linda Cox
Executive Director
Bronx River Alliance
1 Bronx River Parkway
Bronx, NY 10462
(718) 430-4668
[email protected]



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