Willamette River Water Trail

217-mile water-based trail flows through forests, meadows, parks, farms, and cities large and small. The River Trail descends from the Willamette River headwaters in the Cascade and Coast ranges to Portland, Oregon and to the confluence with the Columbia River.

photo: boaters on Willamette

Length: 217.00 miles
Loop Trail? No
Type: Water Trail, National Water Trails System
Entry Fee? No
Parking Fee? No

Allowed Uses:

Boating, Motorized
Boating, non-motorized: Canoeing
Boating, non-motorized: Kayaking
Boating, non-motorized: Rafting
Boating, non-motorized: Sailing
Heritage and History
Swimming - Diving/snorkeling
Wildlife Observation

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Location: The trail includes 217 river miles that extend as far south as Creswell, OR and as far north as St Helens, OR. The area encompasses the entire mainstem of the Willamette River as well as portions of the Coast Fork Willamette and Middle Fork Willamette.
State(s): Oregon
Counties: Benton, Clackamas, Lane,Linn, Marion, Polk,Yamhill
Longitude: -123.10786
Latitude: 44.1243

Driving Directions

Many access points throughout the area.

See maps at http://www.willamette-riverkeeper.org/WTrail/LowerSect/index.html and http://willamette-riverkeeper.org/WTrail/UpperSect/keys.html and the Willamette River Field Guide.

Coast Fork:
Cloverdale Access/river mile (RM)12.5 [44.9148deg N;-122.9937deg W],
Dilley Landing/RM 6.5 [43.9809;-122.9666],
Howard Buford Recreation Area/RM3.5 [44.0074;-122.9825]

Willamette Mainstem:
Mill Race Park/river mile (RM) 185.5 [44.0452deg N; -123.0264deg W],
Alton Baker Park/RM 182.5 [44.0568;-123.0830],
Whitely Landing (backchannel)/RM 175.5 [44.1166;-123.1088],
Marshall Island Access/RM169 [44.1885;-123.1470],
Harrisburg Park/RM161 [44.2726;-123.1741],
Harkens Lake Landing (backwater)/RM153 [44.3460;-123.2318],
Peoria Park(backwater)/RM141.5 [44.4545;-123.2098],
Crystal Lake Boat Ramp/RM132.5 [44.5517;-123.2519],
Hyak Park/RM122 [44.6381;-123.1604],
Takena Landing/RM119.5 [44.6401;-123.1075],
Bowman Park/RM118.8 [44.6430;-123.0862],
Buena Vista Park/RM106.5 [44.7685;-123.1475],
Independence Riverview Park/RM95.5 [44.8532;-123.1817],
Salem Riverfront Park/RM84.25 [44.9426;-123.0436],
Wheatland Boat Ramp/RM72 [45.0903;-123.0438],
San Salvador Park/RM56.75 [45.224;-123.0272],
Rodgers Landing/RM50 [45.2857;-122.9690],
Champoeg State Park/RM44 [45.2547;-122.8840],
Wilsonville Memorial Park/RM38 [45.2937;-122.7610],
Hebb Park/RM34 [45.3987;-122.6831],
Willamette Park/RM28.5 [45.3386;-122.6496],
Willamette Falls Lock/RM26.5 [45.3538;-122.6213],
Clackamette Park/RM25 [45.3703;-122.6046],
Cedar Oak Boat Ramp/RM23 [45.3908;-122.6290]
Jefferson Street Boat Ramp/RM18.5 [45.4431;-122.6436],
Sellwood Riverfront Park/RM16.5 [45.4658;-122.6641],
Willamette Park/RM16 [45.4756;-122.6684],
Portland Boathouse Dock/RM13.5 [45.5111;-122.6680],
Cathedral Park/RM6 [45.5875;-122.7642],
Kelly Point Park/RM1 [45.6452;-122.7679]


The Willamette River Water Trail highlights the mainstem Willamette River in addition to portions of the Coast Fork Willamette and Middle Fork Willamette, which join together to form the mainstem river in Springfield, OR. Ranking by volume as the 13th largest river in the U.S., the Willamette's mainstem lies entirely in northwestern Oregon, flowing north between the Oregon Coast Range to the west and the Cascade Range to the east. From it’s source waters to its confluence with the Columbia River, the Willamette courses through national forests, rich farmlands, quiet towns, and the state’s largest cities. Seventy percent of Oregon's population enjoys the privilege of living in the Willamette Valley.

Additional Details

Primary Surface: Water, moving
Secondary Surface: None
Elevation Low Point: Not Available
Elevation High Point: Not Available
Elevation Gain (cumulative): Not Available

Year Designated:

Supporting Webpages and Documents

Website: Willamette Water Trail Lower Stretch At-a-Glance
Website: Water Trail Upper Stretch
Website: Official Willamette River Water Trail Website

Contact Information

For more information and current conditions, contact the trail manager (listed below). For questions, suggestions, and corrections to information listed on the website, contact American Trails.

Public Contact:
Travis Williams
Executive Director
Willamette Riverkeeper
1515 SE Water Ave. #102
Portland, OR 97214
(503) 223-6418
[email protected]



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